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STEMscholars came to life as a result of the efforts of a few STEM enthusiastic high-school students. What started off as just a random idea we had, is now realized and going strong. Through STEMscholars we aim to bring together like-minded individuals that want to contribute to the STEM community, and in the process broaden their horizons. Although at present, we are just a bunch of high-schoolers, members of the Rato Bangala School Science Club, we plan on expanding our network nationally and internationally. We also seek to come up with new and innovative ways to come up with creative content and gain invaluable exposure in the vast field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We believe that our initiative  can spark ideas into the minds of enthusiasts and help them discover their fields of interest. As a whole, we are a team dedicated to bring interesting news from the STEM community to you.

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What we do

Publish STEM articles

At STEMscholars, there is something for everyone. We aim to encompass all sectors related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and present them as articles such that everyone is able to comprehend them easily.

Connect STEM enthusiasts

Through STEMscholars, we aim to provide a platform for STEM enthusiasts around the globe and connect like minded individuals so that they can quench their thirst for knowledge and be inspired to do something similar.

Inspire future STEMscholars

In a world where exposure is always lacking and opportunities are limited, we strive to spark ideas in the minds of our viewers and make a tangible difference one reader at a time, causing a ripple effect that results into a big network of STEMscholars.

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Rukmini Rana


Smriti Pant

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Anusha Rajbhandari


Manushi Dongol

Project Manager

Arjit Joshi

Event planner

Darshana Basnet

social media manager

Oshmira Chimauriya

website manager

Sairus Adhikari

looma coordinator

Rishaya Koirala

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